Wednesday, February 21, 2007

i look at the mirror, but i cant see me. . .
something is missing, but, where is it?
how lucky i am, i didn't dial the number tat i shouldn't dial,
wat is the meaning to be strong if i keep forcing myself to be?
总是等到饿到不行时才去找食物。。 。
他总是把我喂得饱饱的,不让我挨饿。。 。
常常都有饿的感觉。。 。
有人喂饱的感觉很好。 。 。
现在的我,活得比以前好,但已习惯了有人带去用餐的我,还是会想念。。 。

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

someone asked me how was my life going in the past missing days, mm. . . .no too bad, just too boring, and a bit lost, haha, in fact, i feel lost all the time. . . i feel like wan to go home everytime, and tis action is absolutely not like me, i mean not suit me at all. . . but i do feel comfortable for being at home. . . .doing exercise, sleep, yogult an milk, mm. . . ya! i start designing again, although im still don know wat is it for, haha, i just like it. .i spent a whole day at my home, a lot of memories start surronding me when i became silent. . .
mm. . . i miss somebody. . .
i really do. . .
how r u? mm. . . how am i?. . .
wat about us?
my valentine day, i wish all the couples love each other than anyone else. . . and i wish i would have a try to celebrate it. . . lol

Monday, February 12, 2007

i can't help things might not going on my way, sigh, sometimes, u will be wat people think u are, just because of your fragile. . .it seem like the great storm had just pass, and i busying to tidy up my emotion, and rethink my new life. . . don wory, i know how to start it, i know how to end it. . .
i found my best fren, veron, has change a lot since we both didnt meet each other for ages. . . mm. . . it's not easy to put into words but. . . i can tell tat, she is having a good time with her hubby, perhaps, for ladies, they might not have to be smart, maybe a bit chubby or, even, a bit stupid will be good, instead of spending all the time to figure out how to gain money, i think to spend more time on their appearence will be better. . . i know how does she feel like at da moment. . . i tasted it before.

ever night before i fall asleep. . . i pray,
i wish to have a beautiful sunshine i the next moring. . .
i've been drowning in the state of reading quite a long time. . . i love it. .

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

i've seen it all

Saturday, February 03, 2007

work hard, play hard, tats a spirit, only if things were tat simple. . .