Monday, June 23, 2008

a friend of mine had just purposed to his girlfren with a very dramatic script,
boy said,"i don wan to be yr boyfren anymore"
girl said, "why. . . (sob)"
boy said, "cos i wan to be yr husband. . . will u marry me?"
this is without question the most !@#$^%$# conversation ive never heard, i was like y didnt u bend down yr knee dummy!? but, yet, i was quite impressed by his integrity and persistance... and its quite reasonable tat i don actually feel it cos im not the one he purposed to, and again. . . do i deserve marriage? a guy like me. . .


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How lucky she is! I hope my husband to say same words to me. Unfortunately, I’ll never see that. I have already married, of course! ~~~~ 

Everybody has right to desire marriage, even a guy like you.

Good luck!

1:03 AM  

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